About B.Tech (Food Technology) Degree Programme

The food technology itself is a multidisciplinary one including the subjects like Food Science, Food Engineering, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Biology, Horticulture, Economics etc. The IVth Dean Committee tries its best to revamp the curriculum of B.Tech. (Food Technology) degree programme with the help of renowned Food Technologists to match it to national needs in the domains of post harvest technology, food industries and marketing. K.K. Wagh College of Food Technology, Nashik was established in the Academic Year 2009-10 with the main aim at developing three dimensional personalities in the student, viz. 1) Pursuit of knowledge 2) Commitment to economic, social and cultural upliftment of masses and 3) Cultivation taste of knowledge and literature. If we succeed, we shall produce skilled personnel and entrepreneurs in the field of Food Technology which are urgent need of the country. The added advantage of this college is its location in the district like Nashik which is known to be a bowl of agricultural produce like fruit crops (grapes, pomegranate etc.) and vegetables (onion, tomato etc. ) which are the rich sources for food processing industries. Much of the growth could be attributed to the efforts put in by the private entrepreneurs. There are many food processing industries in and around the Nashik city.

Opportunities in Food Technology

The potential of Indian food processing industry is increasing day-by-day tremendously. The formation of separate ministry by Central Government on Food Processing and Industries shows its increasing importance. The global market knows the potential of India for all required resources for food processing prevailing in the country. The Indian agriculture is steadily transforming from production oriented agriculture to market driven agri business. Equitable agricultural production, processing and management of post harvest losses will be the order in new millennium, and here lies the importance of Food Technology to generate vast employment for food processing and packaging industries both regarding self employment by creating agro industries and job oriented situation. The Food Processing Industry is dominated by small scale and cottage industry so far; however, there is great scope in future to increase the potential through equitable size of food industry. There is immense opportunity awaiting the food processing industry in the years to come. Though we are far behind the developed countries in food processing with only 2% in fruits and vegetables as compared to 80% in U.S.A., Malaysia and 70 % in France. However, there is a scope of real potential of about 15-20% likely to be exploited in near future. Lack of technical and managerial knowledge is one of the reasons for low output of the processed food products through large scale commercial units. Hence, to develop skilled technical personnel is one of the main challenges for the colleges of Food Technology.

Silient features of the College

1. Highly experienced, qualified and motivated staff
2. Latest Equipments
3. State of the art labsctical work
4. No place for indiscipline
5. Advisory System for each student
6. Peaceful atmosphere for study
7. Fully residential
8. Lush green campus

Major Recruiters

K.K.Wagh College of Food Technology, Saraswati nagar, Panchavati, Nashik - 422 003.
Ph: (0253) 2555281, 2555284
Email:[email protected]