About Food Engineering Department

Food Engineering is a multidisciplinary field which the application of agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering principles to food materials. Food engineering impacts technological knowledge essential to the cost-effective production and commercialization of food products and services. Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are fundamental to understanding and engineering products and operations in the food industry. Department of Food engineering encompasses a wide range of activities. Food engineering department covers various aspects of Fluid mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Heat and mass transfer, unit operations in food industry, energy generations and conservation, designing of plant, post harvest engineering etc. The major practical’s conducted in department of food engineering is To study the flow rate of liquid, determination of thermal conductivity of juice , study of different types of dryers, Study of various types of mixing equipments, mills, refrigeration cycle etc. The practical and theoretical knowledge of food engineering subjects helpful for the students in food processing, food machinery, packaging, ingredient manufacturing, instrumentation and control  at industrial level. This department helps In designing of different types of equipment utilized in food processing operations and also the plant layout designing food engineering plays an important role.

Specific food engineering activities include:

Major Recruiters

K.K.Wagh College of Food Technology, Saraswati nagar, Panchavati, Nashik - 422 003.
Ph: (0253) 2555281, 2555284